Security services


We all rely on the Internet to conduct business: to communicate, for research & development, storing data and on-line services etc. However, we also see real and credible threats to those business operations on an unprecedented scale, which is persistent and tenacious. Threat sources vary considerably and complexity, from young hackers through organised criminal gangs to state-sponsored entities.

Taking 'simple' pragmatic technical and procedural measures can considerably and effectively reduce a company's risk profile.

Awareness training

Ensuring staff are aware of and fully understand their responsibilities to help defeat cyber threats is key to protecting corporate and client information.  This is particularly apposite when personal information is being processed. Such data, often referred to as PII (Personally Identifiable Information), the loss or compromise of can directly and indirectly have harmful consequences, and therefore requires particular care and attention.

Topics will cover data protection responsibilities, typical cyber security threats, practical steps on how to reduce the risk of compromise, responding to attacks and, just as importantly, how staff members can protect themselves and their families at home.

General Data Protection Regulation

Organisations that process the personal information of EU citizens will be subject to the new GDPR obligations to ensure that the highest standards are continually maintained. Infringements are subject to stark financial penalties: up to €20million or 4% of global turnover, whichever is the higher. Infractions for certain Articles will attract a less severe financial penalty in the form of €10million or 2% of global turnover, again whichever is the higher.

GDPR, as it is widely known, is due in May 2018, which isn't that far away now! We can assist in building a robust compliance strategy, including those important technology and supporting processes, procedures, and reporting.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Cyber attacks are unrelenting in frequency and ferocity, the technical ability of hackers grows exponentially along with their ingenuity: they are unrelenting. Defending against such attacks is a ‘team game’: Risk, Security, Audit, IT and Compliance. It’s important that there is a common goal and a mutual understanding of the assets to be protected.

Understanding what IT assets you have deployed, if they are correctly configured and maintained is key to being able to successfully prevent and deter attackers.  We can help map both your data assets and IT systems, scrutinise them for compliance, report on system locations, their status, and assist in remediation where required.

If you can't measure you can't manage...