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Securing your environment

We provide a select number of security services, focusing on protecting corporate, client, customer and partner information from cyber attack.

Protecting your Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure from today's cyber criminal gangs is key to continual business operation. With technology and the Internet powering almost all business today, protecting your critical and key information is becoming increasingly challenging.

Being able to manage risk by being cyber-prepared brings financial, strategic and operational benefits. Having a robust information security approach will not only help sustain your business operation but assist in meeting corporate, legislative and regulatory obligations. This is particularly important with new data protection regulations being introduced by the EU.

Knowing where your key data assets are located, their value to the business, your partners, and the systems and services they rely on provides a fundamental part of any information security posture.  Being able to measure means that you can combat, manage and report on any suspected or attempted cyber attack.

However, in our experience this is rarely the case. It's almost a truism that all organisations will suffer an intrusion of some kind: the current mantra being, "It's when not if". Therefore, not only is managing that information risk critical to the business, any information strategy must be a continual cycle to meet the ever changing threat landscape.

If not, now is the time to begin by defining and implementing appropriate security controls, measures and supporting processes...

BM Cyber Security takes a proactive approach to ensure that organisations are able to continue business operation when faced with a targeted cyber attack.